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A complete macroscopic skin imaging solution.

High accuracy skin imaging including automatic mapping, detection, measurement and analysis.

Portable and Affordable

Our handheld device allows for fast, intuitive image acquisition.

Includes built-in illumination with high resolution colour imaging, coupled with 3D depth imaging technology.

Mapping & Measurement

Enabling highly accurate surface measurements for analysis and comparison.

A 3D map of the patient aids in monitoring moles, pigmented lesions, wounds and other skin features.

A complete solution for macroscopic skin imaging.

Utilising cloud-based processing and analysis ensures an affordable, high speed and reliable solution.

Image Acquisition

Fast and intuitive imaging process.

Utilising swappable batteries and memory cards, no complex and troublesome network setup is required. Battery charging is performed off-device, allowing for continual operation in any indoor environment.

Cloud Processing

Our secure, regional cloud platform processes the de-identified image data.

Identifying patient data is stored locally on your computer or network, ensuring sensitive data is never shared.

Cloud Analysis

The optional cloud-based analysis detects regions of interest in the processed images and performs a variety of analytical measurements.

Scoring asymmetry, border irregularity, colour and diameter, features are classified in an intuitive and familiar manner.

Desktop Application

Results are downloaded for review using our cross-platform desktop application supporting Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Simply select points of interest on the 3D model to view high resolution colour image data, perform measurements and review analysis results.

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